Though it's never really required, I like to know this history of my teachers. It enlightens me to the journey that has afforded them their knowledge. Different stor(i)es have different prices. If you are curious to know how much I have spent thus far, keep reading :)

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My Story

The inner-workings of what is 'Vibe Artist Studio' began in my high school years. In my research, I found that it could be a challenge to find affordable coaching for vocal and acting performers. If you were not in school, it seemed highly unlikely that you would be able to afford quality coaching and guidance. This disturbed me and made me wonder how I could contribute to solving this issue. As an artist myself, I found that I had a knack for picking up on concepts and retained a lot of valuable insight and training through my few years in college. However, the museum of experience I have been fortunate enough to acquire over the last few years has broadened my horizons and made me more knowledgeable and confident in my abilities to help guide others.

I started my journey as a musician. I began curating my own shows, learning how to become a band leader. My few semesters going after a vocal jazz degree opened me up to leading a bandstand and calling the shots. My first leap at entrepreneurship started behind a microphone. Over the years, I became a solid band leader, started a music duo (HoCo and Mars), joined the theater department at NCCU as a community theater actress, took on multiple stage management and directing positions and performed across state lines with companies such as Theater Delta. These experiences readied me to launch Vibe Artist Studio as now more than just a seed plated in the soil of my mind. 

As with anything, you typically want to start with what you know. I launched Vibe Artist Studio as a private coach, offering vocal and actor's coaching of varying disciplines (this has since been simplified - hehe, the more you know, right?) With the private sector of Vibe Artist Studio now running it's course, I began branching out and taking on contracted teaching artist positions. Before I knew it, I found myself as a teaching artist at a homeschool program. Crossing over into the homeschool sector has been very eye opening. The nature of homeschool education encourages a more free-thinking environment, thus proving that there is valuable space to be held for art education as part of a normal curriculum. This sparked a newfound idea and passionate interest. In public school education, art education is treated as an exception; the reward for acing your math test and science projects. Beyond the Education Standards, there are practical uses for art education that can be attached to valuable personal and professional development. Parents and other local organizations use the arts merely as a past time to keep their youth occupied, not realizing the impact it has on their brilliance. My intention is to bridge the gap between art education and personal/professional development, not just for the youth but their parents as well. Their parents' friends. And their kids too. It's for everybody.

We tend to separate ourselves from the idea of being a Creative when it does not fit within the tight box that we are brought by our employers and by social standards. These meditations became the beginnings of my corporate, educator and public/private institution workshop + residency planning. All in all, it was the beginning of an entirely new outlook on branding and my own business presentation as well. It made me realize that though I am unique, I am not different from my professional peers - as we all need the same skills. They just may not know it. I am determined to lift the veil on the limitations to which we find ourselves bound when it comes to how we learn and receive information. How we present ourselves. How we prepare. How we manage mental health check-ins and ultimately encounter fulfillment.

I dare say that art education is spiritual. We find our most natural selves, and therefore our most successful selves through creative learning. 


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